Our Lawyers and consultants are committed to serve our clients and have an established expertise in a wide range of disciplines including:-

  • Corporate and Commercial law  

Locus attorneys comprises of lawyers with extensive experience in advising and assisting a wide range of clients throughout Tanzania and abroad including individuals; private and public companies, multinational corporations in relation to their corporate and commercial transactions.

We provide advice and assistance to clients in the establishment of companies in Tanzania as well as in carrying on their business in Tanzania. We assist our clients with a wide range of corporate services including corporate secretarial, compliance and corporate governance issues.

Our corporate and commercial practise also encompasses direct and indirect investment, mergers and acquisitions, banking and financial services, International business transactions and commercial contracts.

  • Labour law & Human Resource management

Locus Attorneys consist of lawyers with a wide range of experience in advising and assisting clients in all aspects of Tanzanian employment law. We advise and assist clients in relation to employment agreements, company regulations, policy implementation, collective labour agreements, severance negotiations, outsourcing as well as in relation to regulatory compliance matters. In the event of an Industrial settlement disputes, Locus Attorneys represents clients in settlement negotiations and appear before the relevant institutions.

  • Insurance law

We advise insurers, re-insurers, brokers and many other individual and corporate entities on all aspects of Insurance pertaining to marine, aviation, property and casualty business, covering contentious matters and non-contentious corporate, tax and general advisory work. Furthermore, we advise on policy wordings, intermediaries’ disputes, claims handling and recoveries, creditors’ rights and insolvencies, as well as disciplinary proceedings.

  • Taxation

Locus Attorneys represents clients in legal matters involving income tax, international taxation, real estate taxes, municipal taxes,  indirect taxes (VAT, customs, purchase tax and excise duties), as well as representation before courts on tax topics.

  • Intellectual Property

In today’s times, Intellectual Property has emerged as a very important commercial asset. Understanding IP Laws is an essential reason for commercial houses to flourish in Tanzania. We collaborate with local and internationally specialized IP firms to offer our clients the requisite legal services in order to protect and register the rights, including but not limited to, trademarks, copyrights, etc.

We help undertake research; prepare and file applications; prosecute where applicable to enforce IP rights; arrange for transfer of titles; negotiate, draft and verify several licenses; distributorship and joint venture agreements. With our immense range of legal expertise to set up, enhance, secure and defend their IPR, our clients can be confident that we will diligently attempt to protect their rights

  • Property (Land) Law and Conveyancing

Locus Attorneys advises clients on all types of real estate and construction transactions and agreements. Our lawyers have extensive experiences in advising, negotiating, structuring and preparing all types of construction contracts for developers on all types of real estate development. We also assist our clients in negotiating and drafting agreements relating to sale of property, both residential and commercial, project and property development finance, registration and cancellation of all types of bond including mortgage, surety and collateral.

  • Competition and Consumer protection Law

Tanzania introduced competition law in 2003 and created the Fair competition Commission for the supervisory of business competition. Since then, local and foreign companies undertaking business in Tanzania have to ensure their compliance to the rules and restrictions provided under the competition laws.

Locus Attorneys offers clients with advice and assistance in relation to competition and consumer protection law. We develop strategies appropriate to client’s interest in all levels of investigations at FCC on the allegation of violation of competition law with the intention to minimize client’s risks. We are also prepared to assist client in making reports to FCC.

Specifically we offer, among others, the following services:-

Debt collection

In troubled economic times, lenders rely on the services of experts for their debt recovery. Our debt recovery department works to offer the most efficient outcome for our clients. We provide recovery services to businesses, banks and individuals. Debt collection procedures and measurements have always constituted an important element of our practice. Our services include preliminary services before litigations which include negotiations and settling of debts.

Locus Attorneys has specialized in high volume of debt collection. Our experts can effectively address all clients’ concerns and provide complete and cost-effective debt recovery services. Together with an experienced team of paralegals, our lawyers have developed a unique integrated approach to the recovery of debt, assisting lenders with their recovery process in regard to full secured and unsecured claims, whether of personal or commercial nature. Drawing upon our knowledge of creditors’ and debtors’ rights and collection, we strive to offer exceptional services in order to help you recover a wide variety of loans.

Locus Attorneys has developed a highly efficient debts management system to handle enforcement process from start to finish. Our team of lawyers, practising in debt recovery, can get involved from the initial demand up to the sale of the repossessed property and recovery. Along the way, our services include obtaining court judgment, vacant possession, dealing with tenancies and tenant issues.

A genuine understanding of our client’s needs, values and priorities empowers us to deliver, efficient, tailor-made debt collection services at competitive rates. In collecting debts, Locus Attorneys applies “no results no fee” principle. Our debt collection staffs who concentrate on work for individual as well as firms and corporations seek all means in our powers to settle the issue of any indebtedness away from courts. The staff’s actions normally include serving notices, sending registered letters, attending to meeting of mediation and negotiation and assisting the parties of a claim to reach such an amicable settlement. This department serves our clients under the supervision of the legal team. Further, because circumstances differ from client to client, case to case, the debt collection services are based on the following:-

Recovery of debts without having to issue legal proceedings

Litigation as a method of debt recovery

Use of court brokers or a variety of different legal orders for debt  collection

Including tracing services, asset recovery and doorstep collections

Security Documentation

Locus Attorneys has experience in preparing credit and loan facility agreements and registration of mortgages, debentures and other types of securities. We can provide advice to lenders, borrowers, leasing companies and other participants in a wide variety of financing transactions including:-

  • Commercial lending;
  • Property based lending;
  • Equipment financing;
  • Rural financing;
  • Property due diligence;
  • Mortgagee consent for leases and priority arrangements;
  • Discharges and variations;
  • Stamp duty issues; and
  • Advising on enforcement of securities.

We regularly guide borrowers on the appropriateness of the documents that they are asked to enter into and guide them through the finance process.

We advise on structuring of commercial and property finance transactions, security documentation including mortgages, circulating and non circulating assets (known as charges), guarantees, priority agreements, collateralization deeds and most other forms of securities.

We offer a starter Package for free which includes:-

  • An initial meeting to discuss your requirements and any general employment queries you might have
  • A contract of employment
  • A standard letter of appointment and appropriate forms for new employees
  • Disciplinary policy and procedure (as required by law for all employers)
  • Grievance policy and procedure (as required by law for all employers)
  • “Fit for purpose” employee handbooks encompassing all relevant policies and procedures in line with up to date employment law and best      practice
  • Other related matters

 HR Legal Audit and Consulting

In HR auditing we will review and update all your existing policies, procedures and current practices to ensure they are in line with legislation, best practice and your company’s culture. Where you don’t have any we will develop a comprehensive A-Z set of policies and procedures designed to suit your business needs. The HR Audit can also be used to evaluate HR policies generally with a view to recommending any improvements.

With Legal Audit & Consulting, Locus Attorneys makes your socio-legal headaches a thing of the past.  You can therefore count on clear legal advice for HR matters – advice you can understand even without a legal background, leaving you to focus, without stress, on taking care of your company.

Employment law seminars, legal opinion and training

Locus Attorneys offers employment law seminars to non-clients. At these events our qualified presenters will provide advice on any current or impending legislation that may affect your business. The complexities of employment law will also be illustrated by recent case studies, which are sure to stir up a little lively debate.

However, when you become a Locus client, you will be provided with bespoke employment law advice. This includes group training sessions covering the whole spectrum of employment advice, from HR to disciplinary proceedings. This employment training will prove particularly useful in light of recent changes to the law regarding several labour matters.

 HR General Legal Advisory

We advise and assist clients in all aspects of Labour and Employment Law, including hiring and firing employees, workplace compliance, Social Security Law, trade unions/works management and general legal advice. We also advise and assist in restructuring projects to help our clients comply with legal requirements including the reduction, relocation and outsourcing of the workforce.

 Legal Training, Research and Consultancy Services

With its experienced team of consultants, Locus Attorneys offers a wide range of legal training, consultancy and research to enable its clients to meet the challenges and complexities of modern business environment. Specifically, Locus Attorneys offer training, research and consultancy services to financial institutions, business associations/companies, public institutions, regulatory authorities and medical institutions in relation to insolvency/liquidation, corporate matters, labour matters etc