Regarding employee integrity, in Locus Attorneys we believe that behavioural interviewing is the best approach to finding people that fit our Firm. Anyone participating in the interview process in Locus should be trained in this process. Instead of looking only at technical skills, our interview team also ask well-designed questions that will gather information in these areas. We do seek information on both technical and behavioural skills and experience in order to find well-rounded individuals. By doing so, we select individuals with high levels of integrity and proven ethical behaviour. Indeed, this is the first step we use to reduce risk. Performance Management is the second step we use. We have put in place mechanism to reinforce behaviours by measuring them. We use performance management system to communicate the values to existing staff and identify those whose values are not in sync with the Firm’s.
If our employees do well in their performance assessment on their technical competence and behaviour– we give them a raise.

We are in the process of preparing code of conduct/ethics and company employment policy.