Debt Recovery

In troubled economic times, lenders rely on the services of experts for their debt recovery. Our debt recovery department works to offer the most efficient outcome for our clients. We provide recovery services to businesses, banks and individuals. Our services include preliminary services before litigations which include negotiations and settling of debts.

Our experts can effectively address all clients’ concerns and provide complete and cost-effective debt recovery services. Together with an experienced team of paralegals, our lawyers have developed a unique integrated approach to the recovery of debt, assisting lenders with their recovery process in regard to full secured and unsecured claims, whether of personal or commercial nature. Drawing upon our knowledge of creditors' and debtors’ rights and collection, we strive to offer exceptional services in order to help you recover a wide variety of loans.

Locus Attorneys has developed a highly efficient debts management system to handle enforcement process from start to finish. Our team of lawyers, practising in debt recovery, can get involved from the initial demand up to the sale of the repossessed property and recovery. Along the way, our services include obtaining court judgment, vacant possession, dealing with tenancies and tenant issues.

In collecting debts, Locus Attorneys applies “no results no fee” principle. Further, because circumstances differ from client to client, case to case, the debt collection services are based on the following:-

  1. Pre-legal collections

Recovery of debts without having to issue legal proceedings

  1. Legal collections

Litigation as a method of debt recovery

  1. Enforcement services

Use of court brokers or a variety of different legal orders for debt collection

  1. Litigation services for other DCAs

Working alongside other debt collection agencies currently unable to offer

Litigation services to clients

  1. Additional services

Including tracing services, asset recovery and doorstep collections