Legal Advice for Human Resource (HR)

  1. Introduction

Running a business is hard work at the best of times, so if the worst of times should come along, it is important to get expert advice. Many companies turn to Locus Attorneys when they need employment law advice, because since its establishment, Locus Attorneys have forged a reputation for impeccable service. The Locus team is made up of experienced individuals in the fields of HR and labour laws, ensuring we can offer the best service when it really matters.

Locus Attorneys employs qualified legal professionals who can provide legal advice for HR and ensures everything conforms to the law.  We also offer representation in the Commission for Mediation and Arbitration, the Labour Court and the Court of Appeal of Tanzania. To ensure that you are fully represented in labour institutions, we take statements, checking the facts, briefing witnesses and conduct thorough research on every specific case. By integrating our lawyers with experienced professionals from HR field, we are able to provide a personal, fast and efficient service, because weunderstand what matters to you. We further offer you a legal platform onwhich you can build your HR strategy. Above all, we can help you to focus on your core business while we look after your employment law and HR matters on your behalf.

  1. Employment law advice whenever it is needed

The most important service we offer our clients is advice, pure and simple. Our employment law advice can cover disciplinary and grievance issues, contractual issues, policy implementation, redundancy, maternity, conduct, capability, or any other employment law matter affecting your business. Knowing what to expect and how to handle any of these situations could make all the difference, or even help you avoid a costly court proceedings. When you need legal advice or an employment law, you can get 24 hour employment law advice over the phone or e-mail. Knowing expert help is always just a phone call or an e-mail away would surely give any employer peace of mind.

  1. Virtual HR - Day-to-day or On-site assistance

A client may just pick up the phone when he needs us and we will be an extra pair of hands providing operational advice and support to managers on any HR issue over the phone, by email or face to face. Our advice is supported by relevant employment law updates, guidelines, flowcharts and letters where appropriate. We can also carry out any of the above activities at your place of work on a regular basis to suit your needs. We offer these services on a retained basis, where you pay a fixed monthly fee for a set amount of hours per annum to cover your specific HR needs or at a competitive rate per hour and invoiced on a monthly basis to help you manage your costs.

We offer a starter Package for free which includes:-

  • An initial meeting to discuss your requirements and any general employment queries you might have

  • A contract of employment

  • A standard letter of appointment and appropriate forms for new employees

  • Disciplinary policy and procedure (as required by law for all employers)

  • Grievance policy and procedure (as required by law for all employers)

  • "Fit for purpose" employee handbooks encompassing all relevant policies and procedures in line with up to date employment law and best practice

  • Other related matters

  1. HR Legal Audit and Consulting

In HR auditing we will review and update all your existing policies, procedures and current practices to ensure they are in line with legislation, best practice and your company's culture. Where you don't have any we will develop a comprehensive A-Z set of policies and procedures designed to suit your business needs. The HR Audit can also be used to evaluate HR policies generally with a view to recommending any improvements.

With Legal Audit & Consulting, Locus Attorneys makes your socio-legal headaches a thing of the past.  You can therefore count on clear legal advice for HR matters - advice you can understand even without a legal background, leaving you to focus, without stress, on taking care of your company. 

  1. Employment law seminars, legal opinion and training

Locus Attorneys offers employment law seminars to non-clients. At these events our qualified presenters will provide advice on any current or impending legislation that may affect your business. The complexities of employment law will also be illustrated by recent case studies, which are sure to stir up a little lively debate.

However, when you become a Locus client, you will be provided with bespoke employment law advice. This includes group training sessions covering the whole spectrum of employment advice, from HR to disciplinary proceedings. This employment training will prove particularly useful in light of recent changes to the law regarding several labour matters.

  1. Legal Representation

We all know that litigations are costly and time consuming. Our specialized experts primarily provide advice to our clients to avoid disputes and provide assistance in disputes with trade unions and individual employees as part of pre-litigation dispute resolution settlements with employees and trade unions. Further, long experience has taught us that most employers lose labour cases because they do mess up in disciplinary proceedings. Termination of employment should always pass the test of “fairness”, that is procedural and substantive fairness. In most cases terminations are substantially fair but procedurally unfair. Locus attorneys will be involved from the initial stage that is, fact finding/inquiry stage to the final stage of disciplinary hearing to ensure that clients comply with the procedural requirements. By doing so we can help you ensure that you are not exposed to claims, damages or hefty penalties. Should an employer face a court hearing we can represent him to ensure he achieves the desired outcome. Our legal representation includes taking statements, checking the facts, briefing witnesses and conduct thorough research on every specific case, preparations and representation at the actual court hearing.

  1. HR General Legal Advisory

We advise and assist clients in all aspects of Labour and Employment Law, including hiring and firing employees, workplace compliance, Social Security Law, trade unions/works management and general legal advice. We also advise and assist in restructuring projects to help our clients comply with legal requirements including the reduction, relocation and outsourcing of the workforce.